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Embrace the Ether is a web series novelization about the downfall of Earth, the Transfer to the Ether, and then the dangers of Midnight that follow. ETE is a large web series story with an intricate world and ecosystem.

Where can you read ETE?

Currently, Embrace the Ether is readable on both the RoyalRoad novel-sharing site and WebNovel. A direct link is available hereand here, respectively.


To burn away the old, rebuilding it anew.

Countless years ago, a terrible war came for the ancient Primordials, casting down their once believed immovable dominance and securing the rise of a new empire. The Ether was fractured, broken into numerous pieces as peace was hard-fought.

Thrown into this new hectic land, Deus must come to wield an unexplained power, one that threatens both his sanity and life simply to use. If he wishes to survive, he must learn not only how to harness this strength but how to grow and expand it, altering the path of those around him. What he doesn't know is that he's found himself involved in a terrifying plot hosted by those demons of old, a game of sorts to decide the fate of Midnight.

Does Deus have what it takes to survive, or has he found himself trapped in a plot he has no hope of escaping?

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